Friday, March 19, 2010

Wanna Be Series - Firefighter

The Old School House sent me an E-book to review for their WannaBe Series called When I Grow Up I Want To Be a Firefighter.

I thought to myself I wonder what my son Cole will say about the title, since he wants to be a police officer, but he said that it was ok and wanted to get started learning about firefighters. I think it would be fun to check out When I Grow Up I Want To Be a Police Officer next!

When I opened the file I found that it was not at all skimpy with the content. In fact it has over 70 pages of information! It has history, science, math, handwriting, and even physical fitness. I loved the way that it included prescreened websites and recommended books to complement this study. Since we have been working hard with our regular curriculum, it was a welcome break this week.

The download didn't come with a daily outline, but I didn't see any problem with that and created one easily. But anyone who likes more freedom or flexibility with their lessons should find it would suit their needs completely.

Cole enjoyed learning about the building codes and even put it to use by noticing other peoples' roofs in our area and he felt that most people were up to code! :-) He loved reading about Wilshire the fire dog too! I thought that the information included was very interesting and I feel that I learned just as much about being a firefighter as he did!

This unit of study is set up for ages 4-10. What I liked about it was that you can customize it to your child/children. My son is 8 and I thought that with the exception of a few small parts, that it was a great lesson for him, with very little that I had to omit. For younger students though, you may need to tailor it more, because some of the math and science may be too detailed. But who ever complained about something being too detailed! Usually it's the other way around! Oh and don't miss out on the section for creating a whole firefighter themed birthday party!

I also think that you could use it for students older than 10 who wanted to find out if being a firefighter is something that they would like. Not many books go into detail about being a firefighter and include salaries for the reader to explore.

The cost is only $8.95 and is downloaded immediately. How cool would it be if your son or daughter came to you and said that they wanted to be a firefighter and you could produce a whole book on it and explore together while the questions are still fresh? They have several other careers to choose from like doctor, police officer, pilot, and veternarian, but they even have other interesting professions like farmer, missionary, chef, and artist.

Overall it was a great lesson which can be used as a one time learning experience or incorporate all of them in your school year to compliment your core studies.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cow Limp

So my son came out of the bathroom after taking his bath and said " Mom, why do I have to have a cow limp?" I was confused until he started pushing down his semi dry hair that was sticking up in the front.

I chuckled and said " Don't you mean cow lick?"

He replied, "Oh yeah that's it, so why do I have one?"

I gave him a hug and told him not to worry about it, he is perfect the way he is.
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