Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Most Amazing Planner!!


Are you an organized person?

Do you have all important household or homeschool information in one place?

Do you go to stores hoping that you will find one planner that will help you organize, plan, and budget your home, only to leave the store either frustrated because you haven’t found the one you wanted or you have purchased yet another planner that will fall short of your expectations because it doesn’t do what you want?

Then The 2010 Schoolhouse Planner is just what you need!


The Old Schoolhouse is a trusted source for Homeschooling and The Schoolhouse Planner is no exception!!

The Schoolhouse Planner isn’t just a planner, it is a unique customizable tool that ensures you have everything you need to keep you organized and savvy!

How you ask? 

By giving you unlimited access to wonderful printouts in every category needed to keep your home and home school running smoothly. 



For the Homeschool it offers

  • Assignment and Attendance charts
  • Monthly, weekly, and daily calendars and schedule pages
  • Journaling worksheets
  • Report cards
  • Activities and field trip logs
  • and MUCH MORE!

Wait a minute you say…“I don’t Homeschool”

That’s OK!  With this planner it doesn’t matter!  It will help you organize ALL IN ONE PLACE!  Or maybe two or three depending on how you want to do it!

For the Home it offers

  • Meal planning- helps you save money and includes lots of savory recipes throughout the year.
  • Car Maintenance schedule
  • Chore charts for you and your children
  • Budget worksheets
  • Bible devotions
  • Garden planning sheets
  • The list goes on!!!


To think that is just a planner is an understatement.  It offers you so much, how you survived without it is mystery. 

In fact with 614 pages of forms, recipes, articles, and links there is no way you will be able to use it all in one year!  In fact I dare you to try!  You have never seen a planner like this in any store for this price!


Have you gotten yours yet? 

Go Now!  

It’s simple.

No waiting.

No trips to the store.

Just download and you can start organizing right away!

Download The 2010 Schoolhouse Planner for $39.00 or if you prefer a CD you can get that for $44.00 with free shipping.

Warning:  The 2010 Schoolhouse Planner does not include free tickets to Disney World, however it does offer a trip planning worksheet that will help you make your trip more organized and stress free.

*As an Independent Contractor for TOS, I have received a  free copy of The Schoolhouse Planner, so that I could participate in The Old Schoolhouse advertising campaign, which makes me eligible to receive a prize. No other compensation has been given to me.

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  1. Great ad! I am just here still working on past weeks of the TOS blog walk.....I know, very sad, I am a wee bit behind LOL! I am a new follower of your blog too!


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