Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blog Walk Week 2

This is week 2 of The Homeschool Crew's blog walk. Here are the next 10 blogs that I am visiting. I hope that you take the time to stop by their websites! I am learning so much from everyone else’s blog. It’s so much fun

1. Second Star to the Right and Straight On Till Morning
2. Surviving the Testosterone
3. Family Style School
4. School Around the Bible
5. 1628 The Story of the Goebels 5
6. Morris Family Madness
7. Homeschool Musings
8. Homeschooling (and then some!)
9. Heartfelt Homeschooling
10. following Him home

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you enjoy the blog. I love it when someone leaves a comment, and I know that everyone else does too.

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