Saturday, June 12, 2010


So I have a funny story to share with you. My husband and I have been married for 9 years and we have often struggled with one little topic. Sunscreen. I am fair skinned, burn within 15 minutes, and have in my teenage years often burned myself to the point of almost crispy. Ouch! I still shudder from the memory. So I turned to sunscreen to help me or I just didn't go out.

Now I didn't put sunscreen on just to go to the park or go for a walk but I would lather up if we were at the beach, pool, or rafting. Now my husband has always worked and played outside, all without the aid of sunblock. When we met while I was applying the sunscreen I would hand it to him and he would refuse. I asked him what about skin cancer? He said he would take his chances with the sun because that stuff is "poison". He even made funny faces when I asked him to put it on my back. I wanted to be protected, ya know?

So year after year it was the same with us. When My son came along I put sunblock on him when we went to the beach and the pool. I noticed right away that anything with PABA would break him out in a horrible rash, so we switched to PABA free sunscreen. We continued using the other stuff though.

Well I came across Kari's blog about sunscreen. What did I find out? That I have been applying toxic chemicals on my son and me! Can you say poisoned? UGH!! I can shake off the fact that I did that to myself, but to actually think that I was poisoning my son gives me anxiety. Well no more. I threw out the stuff that I bought recently (which by the way hurt, because I hated to waste the money) and will look for sunscreen that won't harm us as much.

Then I went to the Environmental Working Group's website on sunscreen and found that the more chemicals in the sunscreen the more harmful it is to your body. Who knew! There is a place that you can find out how your sunscreen measures up. It was interesting to find mine ranked in the 5-6 zone. So while I do still believe in sunscreen, I will be more cautious in the future.

You're probably wondering if I told my husband about this little find and yes I did. I had to. He isn't often right ;-) (you know what I'm talking about!) but you know seeing him strut around the house acting like the big man is just too funny! I will trade a laugh for eating a little humble pie anytime!


  1. Hmm.. I'll definitely have to research this because my son and I are also very fair. I'll need to figure out which brands are safer for us.

  2. One of my girls would get red blotches on her skin from sunscreen. We tried brand after brand, and finally found that California Baby unscented sunscreen worked for her. Now I'm curious about the ingredients though...I'll have to check into this! If it's a safer brand, you might want to give it a try.

  3. I think there are many things we are told to do by the 'experts' to maintain or improve our health that could be harmful. I've only done sunscreen if out in the sun for a long time. Hats and clothing choices can offer the same protection as some sunscreen choices.

    Also, welcome to the TOS Crew.

    FM Laura

  4. Hey Cheryl - Stopping by from the Crew. Mystery solved! My son has had the same problems with sunscreen. I'm going to have to look into that further. Julie

  5. Thanks Cheryl :) I'm not going to throw out what we have - but will be buying a better one next time! My kids burn just thinking about the sun, they're just like me!

  6. Ahh, I hope you find a way to be out in the sun without the sunscreen. My hubby is the one who burns in our family. I try to remind him to wear a hat. I have found that slowly building up a tan allows me and my children to spend about an hour in the sun without burning.

  7. Interesting. I'm very fair as well but I tend to stay out of the sun or cover up. My mommy guilt just lessened a tad too about not lathering my boys up all the time after clicking over and reading the blog you linked up to. Thanks! Walking by as part of the TOS Crew.

  8. Finding good sunscreen is difficult! After having some skin cancer removed from my nose at just 30 years old I was on a mission to find something that worked. My children broke out with Aveeno, but we have successfully been using Natures Gate Kids Sunblock.

    But what I most love is finding RIT Sun Guard - a laudry additive you can use at home to wash UPF 30 protection into the clothes you wear in the summer. Check it out at - no need to spend oodles of money buying clothes with the SPF in it already.

  9. Ugh... just checked out my sunsreen... and although we've had good luck with avoiding burns and avoiding my 6yo's allergic reaction to many many a sunscreen, I guess I should be looking for a better rated option.


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