Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Can you play only one time?

A few weeks ago a wonderful package came in the mail.  It is  called Pyramath, a math card game that is so much fun that you will be hooked immediately.  Trust me! 


Do you remember when you first started playing with regular cards?  How they felt when they were all shiny and new?  How about when you first learned how to play Solitaire, whether on the computer or with a deck in your hand?  Do you remember the challenge that you felt when you were trying to beat it, and finish the game?  Pyramath is just like that, it draws you in and challenges you to finish the pyramid. 

There are 54 cards and each card is clearly labeled in English, Spanish, Chinese, Roman numerals, French, and Arabic translations and symbols on the front.  What a fun way to help with your second language!  Cole and I are using the cards to refresh our Spanish and Roman numerals. This is what the cards look like. 


How d0es it challenge you?  To play the game you use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  But you only use the number in the ones digit to solve the problem.  For instance if you layout a two and a six.  You can use the following numbers to build on your pyramid. ( I would show you in a picture, but my camera is having some issues…)

  • 8 because 2+6=8  
  • 4 because 2-6=4
  • 2 because 2x6=12, using only the two in 12
  • 3 because 2/6=3

So these would be the only numbers that you could use on those two numbers.  You continue with each group of numbers and build your way to a pyramid.  Like this…


This game is a great way you can “polish” up your math skills all with the challenge of winning.  Cole has learned multiplication and division up to the sixes, so I was able to help him with the rest of his multiplication so that he could play the game and he has a lot of fun with it.  Each time we go over it remembering becomes a little bit easier. 

I also played several 2 player games with my son, my 16 year old nephew, and my husband.  We had a lot of fun trying to build our side of the pyramid before the other.  They are so competitive!  {ahem}

To try out the online 5 card version of the game you can go here, or the online 7 card game here.  When placing your cards make sure that they are properly aligned or it won’t accept it, even if it is the right answer.  But if you are anything like me, you will enjoy having the cards your hand.

I feel that this math game would be great for kids of all ages, starting with Kindergarten.  What a better way to teach them addition than to show them little addition pyramids to build.  I know that several people in my family, children and adults alike, will be getting Pyramath for their birthdays.

A deck of Pyramath cards is sold for $6.95 and if you become a Facebook fan of Pyramath you can get a discount.  Plus if you solve one of their challenge puzzles you will get a deck for free!  Go check it out!

They also have a set of all their cards, Pyramath, Fractazmic, Prime Bomb, and "Dr . Ron's Succeeding in Mathematics with Games." in one bundle that you can purchase for $18.95. 


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