Friday, September 24, 2010

Schleich Figures

On the day that I received the Schleich animals, it just so happened to be the same day that I was watching a friend’s son.  My son and his friend were busy playing with one of Cole’s train sets and they were so excited to see the Fedex guy drive up.  We opened the package and they immediately took them to their train set and started playing with the animals.  
When I was able to see one of the animals up close I was truly amazed.  Can I say that these animals are WONDERFUL!  They are very life like, and the detail is amazing.   Great care has been taken to make these figures the best around and they take pride in the quality that they offer in each figure. 
I turned it over and noticed that each figure has a Schleich embossed label in an inconspicuous place to signify that it is indeed Schleich.  Schleich lists all of their animals on the website and in their collectors brochure, that way you can insure that you have a quality product.  In fact, I went online and I noticed that someone was trying to pass off a figure as Schleich and was called on it.  The person said that they didn’t recognize one of the figures and the seller said that it had gotten mixed in with the others.  So you definitely know exactly what you are collecting. 
One of my first reactions were to gather them up and set them on a shelf to look at and protect.  But I decided that was too weird to do with toys and let them boys continue to play with them.  They still look great even after being tossed around for several days. 
They have all the animals that you can think of and even some that you may not have heard about.  The animals that you do know about are the many varieties of dogs and horses.  I think a niece of mine would probably like a few of these for her birthday next month.
One animal that I thought was interesting was an animal called the Okapi.  It is said that it has a blue tongue and eats fruit, leaves, and fungi.  What a great way to teach your children about the animals on our wonderful planet.  
Another animal that I thought was interesting was Przewalski’s horse.  As soon as we opened it my son said “Isn’t this the horse that grandma went to the Smithsonian to the lecture and brought me the shirt?”  Wow! My son actually remembered the horse, not the name though, which is fine, it’s a hard one for me too!  So we went on the web and looked up more information.  Not only are these figures detailed and perfect for imaginative play, but also a good learning tool.  Cole loved holding the figure while we discussed where the animals came from, what they ate, and whether they were endangered or not. 
You can see what’s new on the Schleich’s website by going here
They have a playground on their website that you can look around to see what’s happening in the different worlds that they have created.  The world’s are Bayala, World of Knights, and the Wild Life World. 
You can’t buy their figures from Schleich directly, but you can find them at many retailers including Target and Toys R Us.   There is a wide range of prices, but they are definitely worth the investment to your collection. 


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  1. My boys had a lot of fun with these. I'm glad your family liked them, too!


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