Friday, October 8, 2010

Digital Frog

This little box came the other day.  It’s doesn’t look like much does it?  It has a black cover with a few colors on it, nothing fancy really.  Well let me tell you that when you put this interactive DVD into your computer you open up a whole new world,  one that opens up imagination, learning, and maybe a little awareness to what’s happening around us. 

Digifrog Field Trip Series dvd

This is the Digital Field Trip Series from Digital Frog.  It’s a virtual learning tool that takes you on a field trip to

 The Wetlands,

Digifrog Wetlands

Digifrog Desert

and the one that we spent the most time on was
Can I say that we love, love, love this DVD. 
Digifrog Rainforest
We opened up the DVD, we popped it into the computer, and we were faced with a hard question, which one to choose?  They all look interesting, but we started with The Rainforest.   There is so much information in this section that we are still learning everything that is has to offer.  Like ecosystems, plant structure and function, microorganisms, and so much more!
Cole wanted to learn about the jaguar, so we started with the animals of the rainforest.  We were able to watch videos and look at fabulous pictures.  It also has a great feature that when you click on a word, it not only tells the definition, but also tells how it’s pronounced too! 
You know that you are really “getting” something when you become emotional about a subject.  Cole became so angry when he learned about the human impact on the Earth and deforestation.  He asked “Why are they cutting down all the trees and killing the rainforest?”  I was ashamed to tell him because of money.  But on the other hand the DVD also showed other viable options for lessening the human impact on the rainforest.
While looking through everything I kept thinking to myself that this DVD needs a worksheet or some kind of study guide.  Well it does!  I only found out a few days ago and it was kind of hidden.  The workbook is definitely geared for older students, but it definitely helps with your study.
A home license for the Digital Field Trip Series is $125.00.  Which  includes all three field trips and workbook materials that you can print off to help you study and learn.  You can buy the field trips individually or all together and you can buy a home license, single educational license, or a building site license.  I feel that this item would be perfect for all ages.  Whether you just scan each screen for an introduction for Kindergarteners or full study for high-school students.   
Digital Frog has other great products for learning, including the dissection, anatomy, and ecology of the frog, and also one about cell structure and function.   I just wish they had these when I was in college taking Cell biology.  Boy could I have used it back then!


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