Wednesday, October 27, 2010

PG key

Have you ever wondered how you are going to protect your children as they grow up?  I have a lot.  I try to teach him and I pray that he will one day grow up to be a good person.  I still feel that there are areas that I need just a little bit of help.  One area that I could use a little extra help is on the internet.  It’s scary isn’t it?  To let your son or daughter loose on the internet.  With all the adult content, bullying, and scams.  It’s enough to give someone nightmares.  Cole hasn’t been on the internet too much yet, however that day will come when he will insist and I will need to let him.  So the way to protect him is PG Key
PG Key
I have to say that this little item packs a lot of safety in it.  My favorite is the Age Appropriate Website blocking.  This function works wonders.  In fact before I even knew what I was doing, it had blocked some of the blogs that I follow and even my own blog!  Ha Ha.  So it definitely works to block everything!  All I had to do to fix it was enter in my password, remove my account from the protection, and it no longer blocked me.  Easy!
Another feature is the Timelock feature.  This is such a cool feature.  If you only want your son or daughter on the internet for an hour or less.   Set the feature to only give them an hour and then it kicks them off of the internet, needing a password to continue.   No stress, no more yelling, and the most important part is that you know how much time is spent.  Ok before I let Cole go online I set the time for 20 minutes.  So when he started I told him he had 20 minutes, and when his time was up he was calling me. {grins}
The another feature that I like is the session recorder.  This is designed to record all of the websites that your child visits.  You can sit there and watch it back to make sure you know what they were doing.  So as they get older and you give them more freedom on the internet you can see what they are doing.  The PG key will also let you know the content of emails.  Not just your child’s side of the email, but the person who is communicating with them too.  Cole doesn’t email yet, but I will definitely have this ready when he is. 
PG Key is available for $49.95, and currently is available for PCs only.  While I am not tech savvy, it was fairly easy to install. I didn’t have any problems installing the PG Key.   Overall I would recommend PG Key to anyone who needs a little more help watching over their child’s internet use. 
Visit their website here.  


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