Friday, October 15, 2010

William Tyndale – God’s Smuggler

Did you know that centuries ago there was a man who devoted his life to translating the Bible into English so that we could understand it? When I say devoted his life, I mean his entire life.  That man was William Tyndale. William Tyndale lived in the 15th century and was persecuted by the king and the church for heresy for disobeying the laws that stated no one was to translate the Bible into a common language.
Soli Deo Gloria Resources, which means“To God alone the Glory,” is a website that offers us a  unique unit study on the life of William Tyndale.   It’s called William Tyndale – God’s Smuggler Ebook.   
It’s a one week unit study that guides us through more than history, it also covers geography, science, language arts, Bible, character study, and art. One thing that Cole and I enjoyed was one of the science studies on the printing press.  We had such a good time making a mess and learning how they used to print books back then.   I just wish my camera wasn’t broken.  We also had fun mapping Europe and learning about the bubonic plague.  The only thing that Cole didn’t like was some of the copy work, but that is normal.  Does anyone have any ideas to help him enjoy writing more? 
William Tyndale
This Ebook is offered for a low cost of $8.00, so anytime that you need to add a little fun while learning  into your year this would be a perfect fit.  Not only is it inexpensive but also educational.  It’s easily downloaded and after you collect some cool videos and books to go with this study you’re all set. 
Even though it is geared for children of all ages, I feel that maybe children 2nd grade and up would understand it better than the younger children. 
Soli Deo Gloria Resources also has other wonderful items in science, geography, history, and the Bible that are all affordably priced and would help you and your child to Glorify God in your studies.


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